Security Audit

Amulet V2 has been developed with a strong emphasis on safety and security. Nevertheless, engaging with decentralized finance smart contracts carries inherent risks. Our team has diligently scrutinized the smart contracts and engaged external auditors to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in the platform before its launch.

Despite these efforts, it is essential to acknowledge that the possibility of partial or complete loss of funds exists. We strongly advise users to exercise caution and adhere to their individual risk frameworks when interacting with the platform.

For detailed insights into our external security audit conducted with BlockSec, please refer to the attached audit report:

In addition to the specific risks associated with Amulet V2, users should also consider the risks associated with the platforms underlying each vault. It is imperative that users review the documentation and risk explanations provided by these platforms before engaging with either of them. Links to each platform are available in the 'Resources' section of each Vault Profile.

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