Amulet Safety Fund

Claiming Payouts

Payouts from the Amulet Safety Fund ("ASF") is a 4-step process that is executed when the trigger conditions (i.e. Current Price < Trigger Price) are met:



The vault is suspended when its Current Price falls below Trigger Price.


Retrieving Funds

The vault attempts to retrieve residual assets from the underlying external pool.


Funds Retrieved

Residual assets are retrieved for users to withdraw from the vault.


Ready to Withdraw

Retrieved residual assets and claim payout (if any) are ready for users to withdraw.

Click here for the detailed claim payout guide.


Capacity is the amount of financial coverage allocated from the ASF to a given vault. Any claim payout to be made for an affected vault will be limited by its allocated capacity. Allocated capacity is calculated as follows:

Allocated Capacity = Total Capacity x Tier Quota x Default Ratio


  • Total Capacity represents the total amount of funds in the Amulet Safety Fund.

  • Tier Quota represents the Security Factor according to the underlying protocol's security level. At launch, the factor for the highest security level of Tier One is set at 200%, Tier Two is set at 100%, and Tier Three is set at 100%. The quota set for each tier may be adjusted subject to ongoing review and changing market and risk circumstances.

  • Default Ratio represents the Global Factor which is set at 5.5% for all vaults at launch and subject to ongoing review.

Shield Cost Calculation

Shield Cost = (Risk1 + Risk2 + ...RiskN +/- Bundle Discount) +/- Discretionary Adjustments

Shield Cost refers to the portion of the vault’s Base APY charged for financial coverage by the Amulet Safety Fund. It is calculated according to the sum of individually priced Risk(s) based on market research data and may be adjusted by Bundle Discount according to identifiable correlation risk(s); and by Discretionary Adjustments according to rate-on-line market benchmark and stakeholder risk appetite.

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