To celebrate Amulet V2's launch, only protection fees will be charged. All other platform fees are waived during the initial launch phase. Click here for more fee details.

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Amulet V2 is the first yield protocol with built-in protection. It provides a direct avenue for safety and assurance to Web3 users by seamlessly integrating its yield vaults with top yield-generating protocols. These vaults are equipped with meticulously designed risk management strategies and financial protection mechanisms which brings users and underwriters together.

Automated Strategies

Amulet's strategies simultaneously generate yield from market opportunities while safeguarding deposited assets with built-in protection through AmuShield. Its yield vaults efficiently manage and shoulder the complexities of risk management, portfolio oversight, underlying protocol assessment, and transaction cost optimization, thereby simplifying user participation, lowering their costs, and automatically providing a massive boost to security.


AmuShield monitors each user's deposited assets 24/7 to initiate emergency asset retrievals for vault withdrawals in the event it detects funds missing from the strategy's underlying pool. It also provides some basic financial coverage from the Amulet Safety Fund and (eventually) external underwriters and handles the administrative burden of tracking and collecting any compensation from the underlying protocol on behalf of its users.


Amulet's veAMU loyalty program featuring incentives distribution, revenue sharing, and governance participation through a tiered, incentive-driven journey to promote high quality yield opportunities and celebrate the community's commitment and collaboration to DeFi. Also earn and accumulate Crystals (loyalty points) through referrals and eventually veAMU for greater rewards and earnings. Track and manage your achievements and rewards with the AmuVerse dashboard today.


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