Governance and veAMU are currently under development and may be subject to change. Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, enjoy the teaser below.

veAMU powers DeFi’s mainstream adoption by tackling the most important challenge in the space: DeFi security. In 2023, the DeFi sector lost a whopping 2.00% of its total $50 billion in DeFi TVL (i.e. global DeFi assets) to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, giving mainstream users good enough reason to stay away from an industry that needs their participation to grow out of infancy.

The goal behind veAMU is simple: Use incentives to bring sustainable liquidity and fees directly to the best platforms in yield and security across chains. The solution is even simpler: Greater rewards for greater yield and security.


  • Earn more rewards and benefits under AmuVerse.

  • Emissions will best promote the highest earning pools amongst the most secure protocols.

  • Distribution of protocol earnings to clearly reward veAMU voters who support greater emissions to high yield low risk opportunities.

  • Promotes long-term profitability and sustainability with overall higher quality risk controls and yield strategies for the protocol.

Acquiring veAMU:

  1. Stake assets to farm $AMU in any vault at or acquire $AMU directly from an exchange, then lock it on Amulet’s platform for veAMU.

  2. The more $AMU locked for longer periods, the more veAMU given, which translates into greater influence over allocation of pool emissions and higher earnings distribution.

Join us in building, simplifying, and optimizing smart yield opportunities for the next wave of users through veAMU governance with tools such as best-in-class asset management automation, built-in 24/7 security, emergency response systems, and hassle-free parametric coverage.

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