Oracle Integration


To enhance asset security and accuracy in our vault management system, we utilize specialized Oracles tailored to different assets and platforms. This ensures precise and real-time monitoring of asset prices, critical for managing risk effectively.


Our Oracle integration strategy employs different technologies based on the asset type and the underlying platform:

  • For Solana LST Vaults: For assets like mSOL, JitoSOL, and bSOL on the Solana blockchain, we utilize Pyth. Pyth provides real-time and highly accurate market data essential for monitoring these assets.

  • For Curve Vaults: Price monitoring for Curve assets utilizes a combination of Curve’s Virtual Price Function and Chainlink. This hybrid approach ensures enhanced accuracy and reliability by leveraging the strengths of both oracles.

  • Other Vaults: For other vaults, we depend on the underlying protocols' mechanisms for LP price updates, ensuring that our data aligns with the specific dynamics of each protocol.

Operational Mechanism

  • Data Retrieval: Each Oracle feeds real-time price data into our system, tailored to the specifics of the asset class and the respective blockchain technology.

  • Trigger Price Evaluation: Our system continuously compares the Current Price, as reported by the respective Oracle, against the pre-set Trigger Price. A breach below the Trigger Price triggers automatic protective actions.

  • Automated Responses:

    1. Vault Suspension: Immediate suspension is activated to secure the assets and prevent further transactions.

    2. Emergency Asset Retrieval: Protocols are initiated to safely withdraw assets into the vault for secured user access.

    3. Claim Payout Activation: Users qualify for compensation through the Amulet Safety Fund based on the assessed impact and residual assets.


  • Customized Accuracy: Each Oracle is chosen based on its ability to deliver the most accurate and relevant data for specific assets, ensuring precision in price monitoring.

  • Timeliness and Reliability: Real-time data provision and proven reliability of the Oracles like Pyth and Chainlink safeguard against rapid market changes and potential discrepancies.


Our strategic Oracle integration supports robust protection and operational efficiency across different assets and blockchains. By utilizing the best-suited Oracles for each asset type, we uphold our commitment to providing a secure and reliable financial environment for our users.

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