What is AmuVerse?

AmuVerse is Amulet V2’s loyalty program, designed to make DeFi safe by celebrating and rewarding its vibrant community for bringing sustainable liquidity and fees directly to the best platforms in yield and security across chains. On offer is a wide range of features and incentives through our Referral Program and even greater rewards through our veAMU plan.

Referral Program

Amulet believes that great experiences are worth sharing. Introducing AmuVerse, an exciting way for you to be rewarded for spreading the word about Amulet's products and services to your network.

How It Works:

  1. Become an Ambassador: Join our Discord channel, get and key in the referral code given to you by referrers on our Discord channel, follow us on Twitter, and generate your unique referral link to share with your friends. Follow the steps set out at

  2. Refer a Friend: Share your unique referral link with friends, family, or colleagues who could benefit from Amulet's vaults and $AMU farms.

  3. They Make a Deposit: Your friends make a deposit with Amulet's strategies and earn amazing yield.

  4. You Get Rewarded: As a token of our appreciation, you'll receive reward points labelled as. The amount of Crystals earned is based on the amount and duration of your friends' deposits.

Why Join?

  • Earn Rewards: Earn Crystals every time someone you refer makes a deposit. Use Cystals to redeem $AMU, or participate in our future lucky draws and trade utility NFTs on our marketplace.

  • Collect Incentives: Use your $AMU rewards to get and hold veAMU for additional returns.

  • Spread the Joy: Share something you love and help your friends discover products or services that enhance their lives.

  • Easy to Share: Amulet's user-friendly referral system makes it simple to share your unique link with your friends, and to track your accumulated Crystals with the AmuVerse dashboard.

Start Referring Today!

Visit the AmuVerse page to get started and track your referrals. It's that easy to turn your network into a community of happy customers.

Click here for the referral program guide.

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