Underwriting Mining

Users are able to stake SOL and SOL derivatives to participate in Amulet's underwriting mining:


It will be converted to $amtSOL first


Liquid staking token issued by Amulet when a user deposits $SOL on Amulet SOL staking pool. (Get $amtSOL)


Liquid staking token issued by Marinade Finance when a user deposits $SOL on Marinade staking pool. (Get $mSOL)


Liquid staking token issued by Lido Finance when a user deposits $SOL on Lido staking pool. (Get $stSOL)

Currently, Amulet only supports $amtSOL. More options will be added in the future.

The $aUWT token is an underwriting intermediary that is issued, based on a volume-weighted average algorithm, in exchange for staking the above $SOL derivatives in Amulet's underwriting pool.

Amulet uses individual underwriting pools for each product. Users can choose to underwrite one or multiple products by staking $aUWT in their respective underwriting pools. By supplying the product underwriting pools with $aUWT, users may be eligible for:

  • Revenue sharing with their chosen pools.

  • Token rewards from covered protocols participating in CAP distributed via the CAP Pools.

An initial leverage factor of 1.5 will be applied to limit the underwriting capabilities of $aUWT. Thereafter, the leverage factor can be adjusted according to governance.

$aUWT can also be purchased through and used on other platforms. For more details, please read $aUWT token and check out the user guide on Underwriting Mining.

CAP Pools

Coming soon!

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