Product Offerings and Distribution

Amulet plans to start with providing cover for smart contract vulnerability, stablecoin de-peg risk, custodian risk, and eventually expand to a much wider spectrum of different risk types such as default risk on lending protocols, NFT asset risk, price volatility risk, etc.

In addition standalone cover products, Amulet will also customize cover bundles by wrapping two or more separate cover products or covered protocols in a single package deal, and provide portfolio-based coverage. This lowers costs, simplifies user experience, and broadens coverage for users.

To help users with their cover purchase decisions, Amulet will be providing cover recommendations. Users will also have the flexibility of cancelling, renewing, or extending their cover.

Amulet currently operates and builds on the Solana blockchain. In time and as its cover capacity and technologies develop, Amulet will extend its valuable suite of products and services to the growing userbase on other Rust-based blockchains (e.g. Cosmos).

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